Friday, 6 December 2013

How do you feel about the "duck face" pose?

OK, so I went to get my hair highlighted after work yesterday. This salon is a chain and it was recommended to me so I felt comfortable trying out a new salon. Note: the only reason I went to a new place was because my schedule is packed and I didn't have time to drive across Houston.
I walked in and immediately felt a weird vibe. There were only a few hair stations and it was not organized. I almost walked out but I decided to take a seat and wait for my stylist. 
She walked out of the back room looking a hot mess.
 I decided to just go with it and put my judgements aside.
 I also feel the need to add that I am not racist at all!
I died when I saw her certificate photo. Seriously. Duck face? I cant.
She ended up being super sweet but I didn't really care for the salon. Probably wont go back because I just didn't care for the atmosphere. But my hair turned out ok... I didn't care for the way she styled it so I haven't taken a pic.  

Praying that it turns out OK...

I am going to dust my shoulders off and give myself a pat on the back. Long story short- I switched to the Operations departments back in May. Nicole and I handle International Shipping (her more than me because it's a shit ton to learn but I am getting the hang of it). We ship equipment to and from our project sites (mostly South America, Canada & Europe). Anyways, she is gone & I have been handling it all by myself. She is with her husband in Punta Cana laying on the beach drinking a beverage with a cute umbrella in it. She may or may not have made me a checklist with some very detailed directions... So far everything has gone smoothly. She gets back on Tuesday, I cant wait to hear how their trip was!

My Fine SnapChat Art

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I think the duck face is dumb, but it does not bother me much. The thing that bothers me is the sideways pose with the hand on the hip. When did that become a thing? Just stand straight and smile. Ugh…that one bugs me so badly. I don't mind I see it every now and then, but there are some people that do it

    Have a great weekend! :)