Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Crossfit almost did me in..

So, you know how I announced yesterday that I was doing a 30 day cleanse? Well, day 1 was going great... I stuck to my plan and ate my 4 little meals (at work), drank tons of water, and headed to Crossfit at 5. I was feeling a little weak but I thought it was because I was tired. Sunday night I had to sleep on the couch because the smoke detector in my room kept beeping.. I took the battery out and almost ripped the thing out of the ceiling until I realized I didn't want to pay for those damages so I refrained.

1000 meter row
50 thrusters
30 pull-ups.

Note: last time I did this WOD I killed it so I wasn't worried at all...

Well well well.... it didn't even start out good.... I was 500 meters into the row and my friend said, "Ashten, get a big pull with your arms and you will be done quicker".. I looked at her and said, "My
arms are F*cking tired, I don't care how long this takes me." I immediately felt bad after she told me my looks could kill. (oops)

The row took me about 4 minutes and 45 seconds... then the thrusters began... I got through 12in a row.. then 7 in a row... then squatted down because I started to get a little light headed....then I got 5 in a row, and another 5 and had to squat down again... At this point I wanted to walk out. I never sit down during a WOD so everyone was really encouraging and help push me along...I finished the thrusters and attempted to walk over to the pull up bar until I realized I just might pass out so I went and sat in front of the fan for a minute... this is about the time I started to tear up.. There is no crying in crossfit! I got it together and finished the pull-ups 5 at a time, grabbed my water and walked straight out of the gym. I was so weak! I am talking so weak as in I contemplated putting my car in park at a red light because my foot was shaking. As soon as I got home I ate a turkey sandwich and came alive again. It was a close call... but I survived & I apologized to my friend forgave me for being a total B to her.

& tonight I am off to the track all alone so there will be no one around to see me cry.. just kidding.

& that my friends is how Crossfit almost did me in.

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  1. you are so brave! I am terrified of crossfit lol. great job!