Monday, 8 June 2015

Never flying standby again.

My trip to Indianapolis came to an end last night. I say last night because I had to get up at 4:30 (3:30 Houston time) this morning to catch a flight, or try to.
The 6:45 flight looked promising the other day when there was 20 open seats.
This morning, booked full. 2nd flight at 9:05, booked. & I didn't even attempt to catch the 12:10 flight due to the flight being booked & a shit ton of people already on standby, my chances were slim.

I checked Expedia and ended up getting a Delta flight for 200 bones. That was money I wasn't planning on spending today but I couldn't take the chances of not getting a flight home. So, there I was in the airport at 7am waiting for a flight at noon. I was that person who slept awkwardly in a seat & woke up every time they would call for someone over the loud speaker. Around 9 I decided to get some coffee and treated myself to a half hour chair massage for what I was going through. It helped me relax for sure. After that I picked up some
Pretzel bites and the new People Magazine with juicy topics about people I don't really care about. But it helped the time pass.

Since this flight was so cheap I have a 2 hour layover in Detroit & will finally be back in Houston tonight around 6. What a freaking day. 

I keep reminding myself I did this for Jace. He is the coolest kid. Last Friday, my step mom told him they had to go to the airport to pick up a fed ex package.. When I walked up he was shocked. It was perfect. So sad to leave him.

Friday, 5 June 2015

On a plane

Holy cow, thank you Jesus I got on a flight. I am off to Indianapolis.

This morning my alarm went off at 4:30. With this new sales job I am used to waking up around 8 so I am running on coffee. 

I arrived at the airport at 5:45 with my carry on bag and a book. Got checked in and waited patiently at terminal B. Flying standby gives me tons of anxiety. I constantly check the seat map and booking totals to see my chances of getting a seat. I try to pick out the other standby'ers. Just trying to size my competition. I kid. 

While they board, I proceed to get sick to my stomach and count each person boarding. I know there are 66 seats and 3 people on standby & I am the second person on the standby list (it has to do with some ranking system they have). I hear the lady say she has two open seats and my heart starts pounding because I know I have ths second ticket. She calls my name and issues me seat assignment. 

As I am boarding, I call my dad to let him know I need someone to pick me up in 2 hours. He thinks I am kidding. This is no joking matter, getting a seat while trying to fly standby isn't easy. The last time I tried this, I didn't get on and it was a sad day. I didn't want to let him know I was trying to fly up because there is no need in getting everyone's hope up.

It has been 16 months since I have seen my little brother, Jace (dad and step mom too but let's be honest, Jace is the only one I'm worried about seeing). They came to Houston last February and with two job changes I haven't had the time to get away. ( besides the one weekend I tried and I didn't get a seat, after that I was discourgaged to fly standby.) 

Jace just finished 2nd grade. He is growing too fast and I can't wait to see how much he has changed in the last year. We were pen pals for one of his class projects. It was the sweetest and coolest thing. Each letter said, "I love you so much sissy and miss you, can you come visit soon?" I am going to ask him if he still wants to write letters back and forth. I just love getting his letters with his sweet handwriting and misspelled words. 

Bo is at home, he has his cousins graduation this weekend and will probably be working. His schedule is very unpredictable & being a supervisor for a very important/ large job right now it's not a good idea to take vacation. & he isn't dying to meet my dad. I cannot blame him and I am totally ok with his decision. The only thing he knows about my dad is that he moved away while I was in college & it makes me very sad still (even though it's been 7 years). He doesn't understand (nor do I) that my dad moved to Indiana because he wanted Jace to have grandparents. My step moms family lives there...grandparents are important, But what about his brother and sister? Corbin and I were in college and always on the go, didn't have much time for family (you know that stage every kid goes through). My Dad didn't think Corbin and I needed him anymore. So now, they live in Indiana and we live in Houston. Also my dad has never offered to buy me a flight, I always have to ask if he will split it. Bo thinks if he was to move away from his child, he would be paying the bill for travel & I agree. (Thankfully bo doesn't have a kid so I don't have to deal with baby mama drama :) 

Family is super important to me & I wish Jace was close. I think it is finally hitting my Dad that he might not have made the best decision but won't admit it. What happens when I get married, have kids & they have kids. Unfortunatly, he will miss out and so will my kid (I think I want only 1). Who knows, one day when Jace can make his own decisions maybe he will want to live in Texas. I can't wait until he is old enough to fly down and spend some time in the summer or maybe even go to college in Texas. 

Ok the rant is over. 

The other day Bo and I were walking into Academy to buy bikes & I said "omg the heat is here". He replied with,"you take everything to the extreme, it feels good outside". It was 92 degrees out, warmest day so far. He cracks me up. He is definitely the funniest person I know.

You can't really tell but Bo got the manliest bike I have ever seen with huge tires & I got an oldie cruiser with a cute little basket. We rode to smoothie king & I stayed on watch while he ordered drinks.

2 things:

1. I told Bo my basket was for snacks and water. He said, "damn how long of a bike ride are we going on".

2. When bo got our smoothies, he handed me one not knowing which was which- i took a sip and said this is mine!! He drinks his then we go home. Mine is in my cup holder.. We get home and I tell him he can have the rest of mine. He takes one drink and goes "this was mine!!! It's straight banana how did you think this was yours?" (Mine was strawberry only) I took another sip & said oh yea, that does taste like banana. Oops.

Trying to think of anything else exciting that has happened... 

Went to a friends wedding in Austin! It was like a Zeta reunion & I actually loved it! We all had a blast & woke up with hilarious stories and hangovers.
Btw- hangovers are lasting about 2 horribly long days now.

My favorite show of the summer starts this month!!!!! 

& I found some old gems while I visited my great grandparents a few weeks ago. 
Did everyone gets glamour shots back in the 90's??? The hair and outfits are just too much. 

& my brother and his girlfriend are getting married, September 2016. 

& finally I am going to toot my own horn and let you know I got 1st place last month- out of the entire sales team I sold the most! I was SOOOO excited! This new job is just amazing and perfect. 

Have a great weekend!!!!